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"Katie is amazing, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She came to my house to do a colour analysis consultation with me. I was sceptical until Katie showed me how certain colours really suited me and improved my complexion, while others made me look tired or washed out. It was amazing. Katie also did a wardrobe edit with me. We talked through my style, what suited my body shape and the sorts of clothes I should be wearing to accentuate my figure. I had clothes in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for years and years. Katie made me realise that I would never wear them so it was time to be ruthless! Although we bagged up lots of my clothes, I feel like I now have a whole new wardrobe. Katie gave fantastic advice regarding how to wear certain items or what to pair with certain items. I literally have a whole new wardrobe, without buying any new clothes and when I do shop in future, I now know exactly what colours and styles to purchase. Katie is extremely professional, a genuinely lovely person, who puts you completely at ease and an absolute expert at what she does."


"Katie has such a warm personality that she made me feel totally at ease and explained the colour analysis process really well. Knowing what colours suit me and what colours to avoid has been a great learning experience and continues to influence what I purchase."


"I’m a 42 year old man who has become bewildered and left behind by the world of fashion, a nineteen nineties throw back who is guilty of aimlessly buying clothes with no real Idea, strategy or clue as to what would look good on me. Of course, the outcome of most shopping efforts are that I end up wasting money on clothes I later regret purchasing and the pile of clothes I reserve for gardening or decorating increases year on year. I decided it was time to take positive action and contacted Katie Porter from Styled by Katie for a colour and style analysis. This isn’t something I would have considered doing before, but I really enjoyed the experience and was extremely surprised by how significant the effect of choosing the correct colours had on me. My wife, who happens to be as blunt as a hammer, would regularly tell me how certain clothes would make me look “unwell” or “washed out,” and now I know why! Katie was extremely professional, I feel it was worthwhile and good fun!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone whether you are as clueless as me or if you just need a little help in the right direction!  Thanks Katie!"


"As a busy working mum, my wardrobe was full up with clothes I no longer wear. I decided that I wanted to improve my appearance and wardrobe, so I approached Katie for help. Katie carried out a colour review and identified what colours suit me the most. I loved the colours that Katie selected, and I was surprised how wearing the right colour changed the way I look. Katie was so knowledgeable and she also advised on the type of clothes that will suit me based on my body shape.


Katie carried out a wardrobe cleanse and showed me how I can mix and match current clothing that I have not worn for years, and she also helped me to finally get rid of old clothes that I don’t wear. My wardrobe is now organised, and I highly recommend Katie for anyone that wants to feel better about themselves and their appearance. She is friendly and makes you feel at ease and has given me fantastic advice. I also now have a handy handbag sized colour guide that I can take clothes shopping with me, to help me buy clothes that suit me. Fantastic personalised service, and would also make a great gift for someone."


"Presenting myself in the right way to clients & work colleagues has never been more important now that I am mid forties and working in the youthful industry of graphic design. Katie was very knowledgeable and spent time listening to my challenges and going through each colour palette, demonstrating the benefits to my skin tone. The results are amazing! I will be avoiding colours that drain and age me and will be sticking to my colour chart which literally knocks years off. 
I would thoroughly recommend a colour & style analysis by Katie."


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