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Discover Your Natural Glow

Do you always reach for the same colours? Are you fed up with wearing black? Would you like to experiment with colours that harmonise with your skin tone making you look healthier, younger and minimize imperfections? I can’t underestimate how the correct colours and shades can make you ‘pop’ and make you feel a million dollars!

Having been trained by Jules Standish, head of colour at The London College of Style and author of ‘How Not to Wear Black’ I was completely converted into how wearing ‘your’ colours are an important part of developing your image, style and confidence. Once you are aware of your colours combined with the knowledge of dressing suitably for your shape, you will have the tools to shop effectively. You will make informative choices avoiding impulse purchases and saving money in the long term.


Please don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you have to buy a whole new wardrobe or that you must wear particular colours.  It’s a process that you may want to take slowly and introduce over time but I can assure you once you start to see the effects you will be thrilled with the results.  It’s a joy to hear feedback from clients who have had compliments when wearing colours highlighted in our sessions.

Individual colour analysis appointments take place at my home near Chelmsford.



  • A pre-session questionnaire or phone chat will take place in advance so I am fully prepared for our time together and will have a good idea regarding your requirements.

  • We will discuss your style personality and body shape, highlighting clothes and styles that will accentuate your figure and those to avoid.

  • Your seasonal colours using my specialist drapes will be identified.

  • Together we will identify how to use the colours most suited to you and how to start introducing them into your everyday style.

  • A follow up report based on our session together will be sent to you.

Duration 90 mins - £95

Seasonal mini wallet containing 30 fabric colour swatches £20 (optional)

Alternatively, how about hosting a ‘Styled by Katie’ colour & style party at your home?  It’s a great way to spend time with friends in a fun & informative way learning about your ‘wow’ colours with style tips along the way.

Group colour & style parties - price available on request




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